2017-09-21_0001.jpgTo celebrate the upcoming wedding of Joey & Christina this Saturday at Sarah P. Duke Gardens with Sally Oakley Events, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from their engagement session.  It was hard to only choose a few though!  I can not wait to see all of the gorgeous details and meet all of their family members who will be traveling here from all over the world! It will be an amazing celebration.
2017-09-21_0002.jpg 2017-09-21_0003.jpg 2017-09-21_0004.jpg 2017-09-21_0005.jpg 2017-09-21_0006.jpg 2017-09-21_0007.jpg 2017-09-21_0008.jpg 2017-09-21_0009.jpg 2017-09-21_0010.jpg 2017-09-21_0011.jpg 2017-09-21_0012.jpg 2017-09-21_0013.jpg 2017-09-21_0014.jpg 2017-09-21_0015.jpg 2017-09-21_0016.jpg 2017-09-21_0017.jpg 2017-09-21_0018.jpg 2017-09-21_0019.jpg 2017-09-21_0020.jpg 2017-09-21_0021.jpg